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Hyperskill Manifesto

We believe that learning to program is not only about knowing specific tools and concepts but also about acquiring a set of mental skills that can help you solve complex problems.
We also believe that it's important to develop these skills in a setting that resembles the process of real software development.

The skills and abilities you'll develop

Applying concepts and tools of a programming language and basic CS
Decomposing complex problems
Searching for the information needed to solve a problem
Overcoming frustration when your solution doesn't work and debugging efficiently
Using professional IDEs for development and familiarity with processes of complex projects development
Creating and updating your own portfolio

The learning principles we're building on

Active learning
Skills are developed by trying out and applying concepts right away to real-life problems. That's why each theoretical piece you read is always followed by practical assignments. Reading or watching educational content without applying it right away has proved to be enjoyable but ineffective.
Knowledge transfer
What we're really after is the knowledge transfer - your ability to use what you've learned on Hyperskill in different contexts. This is why we make a big emphasis on learning the tools and the processes of actual development.
Extensive practice
First you solve a few similar problems in each topic so that you fully master the concept and automate the cases discussed in the topic to the point of getting bored. As a result, when you need to apply that concept in your project, you can solely focus on using your knowledge in a different context without having to remember the theory behind it.
Project-based learning
Your learning is driven by a specific challenge posed by the project. This way you get to experience context when a certain tool or concept is applicable.
A project is a big and complex problem, that's why we broke it up in stages and decomposed it for you.
Social learning
We'd love to build a community of active learners who help each other succeed. Working with others and solving problems together is an invaluable skill for your career as a software developer, or any career for that matter.
Driven by practical goals
The projects offered by the platform range from simple introductory programs to full swing working apps. We believe that the best kind of motivation stems from your desire to build something real and something that matters to you. That's why at some point you can pick and choose things you can build and focus on something that sparks your interest, be it back-end development, app development or something else.

Learn while gradually growing your project

Each stage of a project poses a challenge to you.
Topics in your curriculum help you gather the knowledge to withstand this challenge.
Each stage grows in complexity teaching you how to reuse and expand your previous code. This approach allows you to experience reverse decomposition and get the feeling of how you should break up problems in the future.

What is the Knowledge map?

It's a multi-purpose knowledge base that allows us to offer you multiple projects and build a unique curriculum for each of them.

While you can consult the map to see the overview of everything you need to master, we advise you to learn through building a project.

Study plan

Your personal plan for effective learning
Our study plan masters create a sequence of topics that allows you to build up your skills in the most efficient way. Study plan is split up in stages of a project, so that you can learn while creating a working application.


We have collected articles where you can find answers to the most common questions that users ask. If you're unable to find an answer to your question here or have any other issues contact our Support Team.

Integration with JetBrains IDEs

Hyperskill is a third party platform for JetBrains Academy's learning experience. While most of the learning will be happening online on hyperskill.org, some parts of the service are accessible only via JetBrains IDEs. The Java and Kotlin projects currently featured in Hyperskill are bundled with IntelliJ IDEA Edu.
Hyperskill is an educational platform for future professionals with the opportunity to learn theory and practice by programming your own working applications.