We create high-quality learning content in collaboration with industry experts. Our educational platform offers the opportunity to learn programming theory, practice it while developing fully working applications, and then apply new skills in daily tasks.
Save up to $500.000 per year* with upgrading your team's skills
*According to Stack Overflow survey 2022 "For a team of 50 developers, the amount of time spent searching for answers/solutions adds up to between 333-651 hours of time lost per week across the entire team". Based on information from www.indeed.com "The average salary for a software engineer is $40.34 per hour in the United States… updated at July 16, 2022."
Effective, engaging learning for every organization
Learning is driven by challenges posed by the project, which requires using particular tools and concepts
Hands-on projects
Our study plan allows learners to build up their skills in the most efficient way
Adaptive learning
Offer full development experience to your team with JetBrains IDEs
Integration with professional IDEs
Tracks and projects of varying difficulty
Personalized study plan adapted to the learner's level
Theory to fill knowledge gaps
Improving developer productivity
Over 120 interactive projects
Stage-by-stage approach to project completion with gradually increasing complexity
Practicing critical thinking skills
Working with professional tools, which is a must for developers
Actively building skills of complex project development
Easy way to track your team's progress
View learning metrics
Keep track of each student's progress and assess the effectiveness of your team’s learning
Manage your team
Add new members to your team via an invitation link or single sign-on authorization
Empower your team with up-to-date skills
This track is for everyone: Whether you have no clue about programming languages, already know other languages, or even consider yourself good at Java already, you will definitely learn new things in this course. It starts from the basics (which you can skip if you already know them) and progresses into advanced topics while teaching about Java itself (obviously), databases, web protocols and sockets, Desktop development with Swing, APIs, and more…
About Java Developer
Aleksandr Kremlev
I really liked the course, I got acquainted with what is called the pythonic way of writing programs, learned how to write so-called one-liner expressions for solving various problems, and understood why Python is so popular among mathematicians. Also, while working on projects, I encountered problems from the field of statistics, NLP, and probability theory.
In my work, I started using small Python programs for parsing and processing various data.
About Python Core
192 topics
39 projects
255 topics
Designed for embedded network applications running on multiple platforms
33 projects
153 topics
26 projects
156 topics
Designed for the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and Android
20 projects
192 topics
11 projects
216 topics
Used to build websites and software, automate tasks, and conduct data analysis
35 projects
55 topics
32 topics
Crucial for programmers, especially data scientists
Project-based learning with personal recommendations
Personal plan for effective learning
Each member of your team will get a study plan tailored to their skills and needs. Divided into several stages of increasing complexity, it helps learners gradually expand their knowledge without getting overwhelmed.
  • Contains all the activities your team will need to complete to reach their learning goals
  • Incorporates several stages of increasing complexity
  • Allows to expand knowledge without getting overwhelmed
Multi-purpose knowledge base
Provide the team with an overview of the learning content, which shows connections between topics. They'll gain a better understanding of what they've done and what still needs to be learned in order to round out their knowledge.
  • Carefully organized learning journey
  • Graphically represented progress through the track
  • Visualized connections between related concepts
Account Manager for your organization will help with
Developing new ways
to improve your overall experience
Addressing all your needs throughout the learning process
Tailoring tracks and features for your special requirements
Setting up your organizational subscription via onboarding call within the first week
What’s included in the plan?
Your team will join a community of more than 500,000 users. Make sure the team has support from the entire learning community whenever they feel like they are stuck with a task.
Flexible membership: add or remove any team members
Single sign-on authorization
Workspace to track your organization’s learning progress
Team administration functionality:
Free manager’s account
Organizational subscription
For 3+ users
Unlimited access to all tracks
Integration with professional IDE
per user, billed annually
Do you offer a monthly subscription to JetBrains Academy for Organizations?

No, only annual subscriptions are available for organizations.

What do we need to do to set up a paid subscription for the members of my organization?
The organizational subscription currently includes annual access for 1 owner account and 3 organization member accounts (with the option to add more members). You'll be able to invite members to your organization after you've started a paid subscription. To do it, click Start your subscription on the Organizational page. From there, you will be taken to the eStore page. Fill out the information and proceed with checkout.
To add a new organization member, use the invitation link or add your domain to allow single sign-on authorization for your members. This way, new members will automatically join your organization using their work emails with the specified domain.
Is there a minimum number of organization users?
Yes, organizations can purchase no fewer than three subscriptions. An owner account for user management is available free of charge.
How can I cancel the subscription to the Organizational plan?
You can cancel your subscription at any time. Log in to your JetBrains Account and follow the instructions under the profile settings of the owner account.
What happens to the learning progress of my team after the subscription ends?
All the code that learners write in their IDEs while solving code challenges or working on projects is stored locally on their machines, and they can keep it without any restrictions. We are also working on providing access to the learning history after the subscription ends.
Integration with professional IDEs
No credit card required
Project-based approach to learning with more than 120 projects of various levels
Unlimited access to all tracks with personalized learning
Start free trial to boost employee productivity
Start subscription to boost employee productivity
Integration with professional IDEs
Project-based approach to learning with more than 120 projects of various levels
Unlimited access to all tracks with personalized learning
JetBrains Academy believes that lifelong learning is a key leverage point for improving your team’s engagement and performance and raising productivity and profits.
A learning experience your team will love
  • All available JetBrains Academy tracks, among which you’ll find the right one by choosing a specific area of knowledge

  • Personalized learning programs and JetBrains Academy knowledge map

  • Managing your team and tracking your employees’ training progress

  • JetBrains Academy customer support team, which will help you reach your goals
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