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At Hyperskill we try to create the most thorough and diverse learning experience. We create topics about basics of programming for complete newbies and add handy utility features for experienced pros.
We always appreciate contributions and are happy to provide our users with new experiences and opportunities.
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By contributing to Hyperskill you have a real opportunity to shape learning experience not only for yourself, but for thousands of our users. Influence other people's lives and help them progress by sharing your knowledge.
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There is no greater feeling than when other people appreciate your work. Seeing positive comments and constructive feedback makes you feel proud and successful on a whole new level.
Sense of accomplishment
Get a chance to meet our team and get a professional review of your work. Working on new content is a very challenging but rewarding process that allows you to express your creativity in an environment curated by real experts.
Express creativity & get feedback
Share your expertise and work on the projects you're passionate about. There are so many topics and so many languages to learn and explore — help other users find the true gems of the programming world.
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Don't think that your efforts will go unnoticed. We are always happy to reward our active contributors. For your hard work you can receive hypercoins, get a special flair on our subreddit and obtain many other pleasant bonuses.
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What is a better way to learn than through teaching? Explaining the topic, creating the project or even submitting an idea will make you look at the same subjects from a different angle. And that is where the real learning begins.
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How can you help us?
Help other users
The easiest way to show us your support is by helping other community members. Answer other user's questions, post useful links and hints, and submit solutions.
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Be the first to see our new projects, get gems for your reviews, and use your feedback to improve the learning experience for everyone!
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Join the Moderator Team and become a superhero our learning community needs. Let's make Comment Section a welcoming and helpful place for everyone!
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We're looking for experienced teachers and developers to shape the learning experience for users by creating new topics and projects and reviewing the existing ones.
We have collected articles where you can find answers to the most common questions that users ask. If you're unable to find an answer to your question here or have any other issues contact our Support Team.
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