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Introducing the new way to track your daily progress
My Hyperskill app offers a convenient way to keep up with your studies and achieve your learning goals.
  • Get daily reminders. Regular practice is key to mastering new skills. With adjustable notifications, you will never forget about a learning session again

  • Solve Problem of the Day. Solve a problem to practice what you’ve learned and stay on top of your studies

  • Continue your learning streak. Consistent steps lead to significant achievements. Study every day and see your learning streak numbers grow
But that’s not all! We are working hard to bring even more Hyperskill features to your mobile phone. Currently, My Hyperskill app is in beta, so we would love to hear any feedback from you. Feel free to contact us at hello@hyperskill.org and share your thoughts!
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Hyperskill is an online learning platform that helps people from all over the world learn new skills in Computer Science and beyond. We firmly believe in a holistic approach to learning that allows Hyperskill students to apply theoretical knowledge right to practice while building real-life working applications. Now you can take Hyperskill with you and study on the mobile phone wherever and whenever you like.