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How to expense your learning at Hyperskill

Send the link to your manager so that they can reimburse your subscription
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Ask your manager

  • Does our company have an employee training program?
  • What are my options if I want our company to invest in my training?
  • Do employees in our company have a learning and development budget?

Describe the benefits your training will bring

Learning on Hyperskill will make me a more skilled employee. I will:
  • learn a new language from scratch in a structured way
  • master code style and get to know best coding practices
  • update existing skills and get more practice
  • be able to apply new concepts right away

How the subscription works

Organizational subscription for
one learner

per user, billed annually

— 1 learner seat + 1 owner account (for tracking the learner's progress only)

—Possibility to reassign the seat

— Possibility to expand subscription to 3+ users

— Unlimited access to all tracks

— Personalized study plan

— Integration with JetBrains IDEs

— Certificate of completion

— Community of more than 600,000 users

Send the link to your manager

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Pitch your subscription idea

Communicate the value of Hyperskill to your manager. You can use the sample email template below:

Hey boss,

I've been thinking about the ways I can improve my performance at work, and found out about Hyperskill. Have you heard of them?

Hyperskill is an online platform that teaches programming languages, computer science, and related disciplines. Their approach is very practice-oriented, so I'll be able to work on real projects while studying all the necessary theory. Even better, Hyperskill integrates professional IDEs right into the learning process to make sure I am ready to transfer my new knowledge directly to my work.

I feel it could be an important step in my career and knowledge development. It will help improve my performance, making the membership a worthy investment for both myself and the company.

They have an offer for organizations:

Let's buy a subscription? Here's the link:
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Your will keep your progress. Only the subscription type will change.