About Hyperskill
We believe in project-based learning and want to help people feel the magic of programming from day one by letting them learn while creating their own small apps.
This approach helps to get hands-on experience with programming and build confidence as a software developer.
What's a project?
It's a small application that solves one particular practical problem. The project is broken up into stages. For each stage, you'll get learning material that will allow you to cope with the challenge.
Stage after stage you'll make your project more and more sophisticated while learning new concepts about programming and software development technologies.
What is our famous Knowledge Map?
Quickly get an overview of all the topics Hyperskill has to offer. Build a better understanding of the material and how it's all related.
What to come?
We're only getting started and in the following months, there are lots more features to come that will improve the learning experience.
If you'd like to give some feedback just talk to our team about your experience learning programming in general or have a cool idea about a potential project drop us an email to hello@hyperskill.org
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